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Our body is the place where we live

To make long-lasting changes, to ensure that the change stays off, we need to understand the underlying causes behind why happens. We begin by trying to understand our relationship with food. Our habits the way we look at food and the importance we give it in our lives.

Finally, I will give you the tools to change our relationship with food and show you how to mentally gear yourself to adopt healthy food habits so that you never have to die another day in your life.
What does the body do with the food you eat?
Trust gives you the inside story of the inner workings of your body so that you realize it is a complex, beautiful machine, which is always working for you. Trust hopes to restore your faith in your own body so you can be assured that if you are eating and doing the right things, there is no way you won’t reach your goals.
Invest will give you nutritional toolkits to help you to achieve your goal. This includes counseling on nutritional intake, meal plans and tons of info on how to eat correctly.
In finish, we will get up to speed with some common speed bumps along the way. We work with our clients to help them to design strategies for staying on tracks. We will also give you nutritional advice on how to maintain your new body so that you can always be in shape and health of your life.
About NUTRIadvice
NUTRIadvice is a diet and weight loss clinic in Delhi, which is run by Dt. Nidhi Sawhney, a reputed diet consultant in Delhi. It offers many diet management tips, such as meal planning, weight loss and gain diets, along with the therapeutic diets as well.
Nidhi Sawhney (Dietitian)